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Diversity in organizations

Diversity in organizations

Diversity in organizations

Response to the three articles listed below, backup responses with 2022 article sources and provide pdf for the article sources used.


1. The chapter I am working on is chapter two Diversity in organizations. This in one of the leading topics in the world of business where companies are now intentionally trying to make sure their staff especially upper management are as diversify as possible. They have learnt through research and examples that there is a direct correlation between diversity and success. The world is becoming more globalized with the increasingly addition of new technology. Aero plane, ships, trains, cellphone, internet and social media are just some of the inventions that help the world to become a smaller place by eliminating distance and rendering it ineffective in some cases. A message can be sent in second from one end of the globe to another. Some companies have expanded their market share with the use of the internet to reach customers anywhere and then the use of planes, ships and trucks make it possible to move those goods in record time. The current research examines the impact of four independent diversity variables, gender, age, educational background, and ethnicity, on the moderating role of diversity beliefs and the mediating role of leadership expertise to measure organizational performance in Pakistan (Turi, Khastoori, Sorooshian, & Campbell, 2022). In the article the authors are advocating for organizations to move towards a more diverse workplace with their employees’ gender, age, ethnicity and educational background. There are of the believe that the world is getting smaller, there are more competition, customers are more astute, and diversity brings out the best since each person and diverse group brings a unique flavor to the table. Moving towards a more diverse workplace is a way of speaking to a company’s customer base to show that they care about them and people on a whole. Once customers see these transitions they will become loyal to a company because they see that they are an inclusive company. Customers want to feel that is they or their family should apply for a job they stand a chance once they meet the qualifications. When people feel like there are no one in the company looking like them then they are less likely to do business with the company unless they have to. For example, if a Chinese banker want to invest in a company they would be more apt to go with a company they have Chinese’s nationals at different levels of management or playing important role in the company. Young ladies are more incline to do business with a company that hire and promote women so this shows diversity in the workplace is the new normal for trend in business. Recently, conversation on diversity and inclusion has been at the forefront in the media as well as the workplace. Though research has examined how diversity impacts organizational culture and decision-making, little attention has been given to how corporate diversity impacts consumers’ responses to the firm (Khan & Karla, 2022). It is now becoming a trend for customers to do business with company that they feel identify with them and their views of society and as a result many companies are doing more on the side of social justice to show their customers they aren’t tone deaf.


Khan, U., & Kalra, A. (2022). It’s Good to Be Different: How Diversity Impacts Judgments of Moral Behavior. Journal of Consumer Research, 49(2), 177–201. (Links to an external site.)

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2. Communication can be described as a connection or understanding that one or more people have and can be just a transmitted message. There are different types of communication, such as verbal, written, and non-verbal. Communication serves five significant functions within a group or organization: management, feedback, emotional sharing, persuasion, and information exchange (Robbins pg. 174).  The article I found talked about business communication and communication in general. From a business standpoint, there should be proper informative communication, and if there is any misunderstanding, it should be broken down more simpler.  It becomes apparent that the distinction between business communication concepts and communication is in the nomenclature aspects of this process. Each has its advantages in the speech production process. The number of participants and speakers distinguishes their formal positions in a monologue in business communication and dialogue in business engagement (Nadir).


Nadir, M. (2022). Communication, Interaction, and Business Communication. Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies, 18(2), 827-835 Communication.pdf

Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. A. (2022). Essentials of Organizational Behavior (15th ed.)

3. I would like to comment on the subject of diversity in the workplace.  The text talked about different types of diversity such as surface level and deep level diversity.1  For many minorities, discrimination begins in the interview process.  Many of the discussions about how is hired in determined in the employee search committees.  Many minority applicants typically do not make it pass the first and second step in the interview process.  The make up of the employee search committee has a lot to do with who is ultimately invited to later rounds in the interview process.  In the text book, it was mentioned that a white male with a criminal record is twice as likely to receive an interview as compared to a black male with no criminal record.  With this statistic, one would expect the same black male with no criminal record to have an even lower chance of receive a job interview if he is compared to a white male with no criminal record. 2 When black males receive jobs such as college and professional football and basketball coaches, the back males are given fewer number of years to turn the programs around and even with previous success such as winning national national championships in college basketball (John Thompson, Nolan Richardson),3 and taken there teams to the national basketball association (NBA) champions (Avery Johnson, Byron Scott) or have taken there teams to the national football league (NFL) super bowl (Lubby Smith)4 or even winning a NBA championship (Ty Lue)5 these individuals have not been hired by another college program or another professional sports organization after losing their jobs at college or in professional sports.   This however is not the case with many other non minority coaches in college and in professional basketball and football.  Please feel free to comment to this posting.

1. Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. A. (2021). Essentials of Organizational Behavior (15th Edition). Pearson Education (US). (Links to an external site.)

2. Lubbers, P. (2021). Job Applicants With ‘Black Names’ Still Less Likely to Get Interviews. Bloomberg. (Links to an external site.)

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5.  Nerkar, S. (2020). The NBA Has Lost Ground On Hiring-And Retaining-Black Coaches. FiveThirtyEight. (Links to an external site.)


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