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Leading Organizations

Leading Organizations

Leading Organizations

Respond to the three articles listed below and also give reference to other articles to backup your responds

1). In this article the author was looking at the changes that organizations have to make when the outside world is dictating the way businesses operate. The major world event for the last two years was the spread of the COVID 19 virus around the globe under a year and it staying there to this day for the better part of two years. The paper focused on the new factors that are affecting employees based on changes that were made in the management economy and the organization. As a result of this then the job of the managers is to provide the knowledge necessary about people’s behavior and why they do what they do and most importantly how can they manage or change these behaviors to the point where the company will benefit from the change. The managers at this point have to look into the structure of the organization and all the factors that impact behaviors. They also have to know where to make changes in the structures that will impact the factors that are driving the changes in the employee’s behavior. The articles provide many factors one can change to get certain behavior from their employees and the managers are tasked with the job of knowing when, how, where and why to make the changes.

Chobanov, M. (2022). Organizational Behavior in Time of Changes. Economic Development / Ekonomiski Razvoj, 24(1), 74–85.

2). Effective communication is pivotal to my work, and as I’ve advanced, I also have focused on emotional intelligence. To lead a large team, I need to sense their needs along with those I collaborate with cross functionally. Within Chapter 12, the authors describe emotional intelligence as a trait that is correlated with leadership. Of course, correlation is not causation, and they continue to state traits may predict leadership ability, but not necessarily successful leadership (Robins & Judge, 2021). Interestingly, I enjoyed that the authors focused on authenticity of being empathetic. When influencing change, it’s a delicate balance to remain genuine and not tip into manipulative behaviors.

To that end, a recent article explored the relationship between emotional intelligence and deception through theoretical modeling. The authors indicated that while higher emotional intelligence can result in a more humane society, it also increased the likelihood of deceiving others, especially in competitive negotiations. They also discussed the morality of emotional intelligence and indicated when training this skillset, to ensure it’s being used for the right reasons. Importantly, the article emphasizes that deception can lead to breakdown of trust and even retaliation (Gasper et. all, 2022). In summary, I interpret emotional intelligence as one tool to being an effective leader. You need to use the right tools at the right time while maintaining focus on the larger picture. If my department employs emotional intelligence training for development, I do think it will be imperative to include the ethics and importance of maintaining trust within our teams.


Gaspar, J. P., Methasani, R., & Schweitzer, M. E. (2022). Emotional Intelligence and Deception: A Theoretical Model and Propositions. Journal of Business Ethics177(3), 567–584.

Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. A. (2021). Essentials of organizational behavior (15th ed.). Pearson.

NOTE: Outside source is attached and also available at this link (Links to an external site.). Canvas discussion post formatting would not permit appropriate APA indenting of the first line of each paragraph nor the hanging indent for each reference entry.

Emotional Intelligence and Deception_ A Theoretical Model and Propositions.pdf

3). Workforce Diversity is an approach companies take to hire people of different backgrounds, characteristics, and attributes. Robbins et al. (2017). It has become of global importance. To the point that organizations share their commitment to workforce diversity on their websites and social media. Human resources (HR) management plays a vital role in an ever-changing and competitive global market. Firms must have a strategic plan to appeal to candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Studies have shown that companies with a diverse workforce have increased problem solving and innovation. Su et al. (2022). Hence, when companies with a diverse workforce achieve their financial and organizational goals, it sends a positive message to job seekers. However, organizations still have much to learn about how to manage a diverse workforce.


Chien-Chin Su, Hsiang-Chen Hsu, & Shu-Ya Chang. (2022). The application of human resource management: A study on workforce diversity in employment model. International Journal of Organizational Innovation, 14(3), 30–39.

Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. A. (2017). Essentials of organizational behavior (14th Edition). Pearson Education (US).

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